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  • The Lubinski travel aluminium magnesium alloy cigar humidor case

    March 29,2019.
    The Lubinski Cigar Travel Case is more than an accessory, it’s a companion.   YOUR TRAVEL COMPANION Travelling and cigar smoking are two of our favorite pastimes. So, our Lubinski aluminium magnesium alloy travel cigar cases are our way of addressing the needs of both these activities.  This aluminium cigar case is the pinnacle of style, class and pragmatism...
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  • The Lubinski's Multi-Ring Gauge Guillotine Cigar Cut

    February 22,2019.
    Befor to talk about our newly cigar cutter, may I ask you a question? ‘How do you cut your favorite cigars?’ - Will you use your teeth? Or use knife to cut ? Maybe a scissor? As a cigar aficionado, I hope you won’t choose such a rude way to start your wonderful time. If you want to achieve a quality smoke, I think you shouldn’t use a dull blades to start a cut. That’s why it is important to c...
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  • Something you need to know about cigar cutters

    January 3,2019.
    Does quality of cigar cutters make a difference to the overall smoking experience?And do you really need one ? Not everyone uses cigar cutters, some prefer to use house hold objects, such as, knives, their teeth or even a pen or pencil. Although this isn't recommended as using a knife may get a bit dangerous and you may not get a precise cut but some people prefer it this way - rustic. If cut the ...
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  • How to store cigars and keep them fresh

    April 19,2019.
    You just received a box of cigars. You’ll want to make sure you store them correctly. Keeping your cigars humidified is important, especially if you live in a cold-weather or desert climate where exposure to too much dry air can dry out your cigars in no time. The most common method for keeping your cigars fresh is to store them in a cigar humidor. A cigar humidor requires a small amount...
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  • what is cigar lighters

    February 21,2019.
    Owning a reliable cigar lighter that looks cool and feels great in your hand is a must, even if you only enjoy the occasional cigar. Properly lighting your cigar ensures it will burn evenly and smoothly and, as a consequence, it will taste better.The selection is always growing and evolving as the best cigar lighter brands continue to embrace technology and apply more innovation in their designs. ...
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